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Why Energy Rice Bar Is Important To Postpartum Mothers?

Why Energy Rice Bar Is Important To Postpartum Mothers?


Do you know? According to Malaysia RNI 2017, a lactating/ nursing mother requires an addition of approximately 500kcal daily during the lactation period. In other words, without adequate energy and nutrients intake, breastmilk production will be affected in terms of quality and quantity.

Thus, in order for mothers to achieve this extra energy intake daily, try consuming lactation cookies, because they are packed with energy as well as nutrients! Let us discuss a little bit more on the benefits of the ingredients for a nursing mother.  



Thanks to the array of antioxidants, minerals and nutrients, puffed rice is an option to boost the immune system. Mother’s body gets stronger to fight against infections, whilst antioxidants playing the role to enhance milk quality, therefore improving baby’s health!


Also, packed with fibre, puffed rice is pivotal for relieving constipation. It prevents the faeces from sticking to the intestinal walls and thereby allowing smooth faecal passage through peristalsis movement.




Peanuts are reportedly used in Africa and Asia as a galactagogue. Peanuts provide energy and healthy fat for lactating mothers, which helps in promoting production of breastmilk. 


*Note: the early introduction of peanut in high risk infants is current the measure of allergy prevention supported by the strongest evidence, and it has been proposed as a public health measure

(Ferraro, V., Zanconato, S., & Carraro, S. (2019). Timing of Food Introduction and the Risk of Food Allergy. Nutrients, 11(5), 1131. https://doi.org/10.3390/nu11051131)




Calcium intake is essential for lactating moms for the bone health of the mother and baby. 

In Mexico, there are breastfeeding mothers consume sesame seed in the form of cakes to increase their milk production. Here you go with our energy rice bars! These seeds are rich in calcium, which may explain some of their effects on breast milk.



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