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True Or Not EP1: 坐月能变漂亮吗

Many mothers who are doing confinement will listen to their elders’ confinement experience. And over time, a lot of different myths spread among mothers😮

Today’s topic is very interesting😁, and it is also what mothers care about and want to know the most!🤩

Does #CanConfinement make you beautiful?😍 Want to know what the experts say?🤔

Let’s take a look now!😎 很多坐月子的妈妈,大多会听从长辈的坐月经验。

而随着时间的推移,妈妈们之间都流传了很多不同的迷思。😮 今天的话题很有意思😁,也是妈妈们最关心和想知道的!🤩

#坐月能让你变漂亮吗?😍 想知道专家怎么说?🤔 现在让我们来看看吧!😎

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