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Tips For Fast Recovery On Post C-section


Regardless of the method of baby delivery, the diet of a mother is extremely crucial not only for breastfeeding, but to accelerate the recovery. As post C-section can be painful, it may bring stress both physically and mentally to the mother. Therefore, to speed up the recovery should not be delayed. Good nutrition along with proper rest will nourish the body and assist in fast recovery of the abdominal wall and the uterus which are split during the C-section. 

Here are the general tips for mothers after a C-section without any complication once you are allowed to eat solid food.

Note: For mothers with postoperative complications, please consult your attended doctor and dietitian for more information. 

  1. Protein – It is very important especially after operation to accelerate the healing process by repairing the damaged body tissues and strengthening the immune system to fight against the infections! Good food sources include lean meat, poultry, eggs, fish and seafoods, beans and legumes as well as dairy and dairy products. Beware of the cooking methods like deep fried as it will promote inflammation in the body, delaying the healing process.
  2. Anti-inflammatory – Food that has anti-inflammatory properties will help in reducing the inflammation after surgery and thus accelerate the recovery process. For example, fatty fish (salmon, tuna, mackerel), flaxseed, flaxseed oil, chia seed and walnut.
  3. Constipation – It is important to avoid constipation. Why? Because the straining during bowel movement might cause pain on the wound area. To avoid this, include high fiber into your diet, like fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains instead of refined one, fluids and also probiotics



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