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Post-Surgery Care

Every type of surgery, planned or elective, is a source of trauma to your body. Post-surgery nutrition plays a crucial role in preventing the loss of muscle mass, and in accelerating your wound healing and recovery.


The quality of your food (nutrition) will directly or indirectly determine the quality & speed of your recovery process. Eating the right food can make a great impact on how quickly your wound heals, can mitigate the loss of muscle mass, strength & functionality, can help fight off/prevent complications such as constipation, low immunity etc., can help regain strength and recover more quickly.

On the other hand, eating insufficiently (or eating the wrong foods) may lead to malnutrition, prolonged wound recovery (and hospital stay), and an increased risk of infection.

Carbohydrates help your brain stay energized and support the elevated energy needs associated with wound healing.

Protein is very important for wound healing. Protein also helps to build your muscles and improve the immune system.

Vegetables & fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals that support post-surgery recovery. For example, vitamin C is key for rebuilding collagen and soft tissues, for wound recovery and for fighting infections. Vegetables & fruits also provide fiber to prevent constipation, a common side effect of surgery.

Healthy fats are a good source of energy like carbohydrates. It also helps your body absorb other nutrients better.

Iron-rich food helps replenish your red blood cells which are lost during the surgical process.  Insufficient iron may lead to fatigue or weakness.

Calcium plays an important role in blood clotting, helps in muscle contraction, regulates normal heart rhythms and nerve functions,  and is critical for strong bones and teeth.

Fluid (Water) is needed in the wound healing process. Make sure you stay well-hydrated after the surgery.In summary, it is hard to heal if out body does not have the fuel it needs to get better.

PopoMama Post-Surgery Care menu is nutritionally plan in accordance with our HERS™ Recovery Program. To ensure you get adequate nutrients to support your post-surgery recovery needs.

HERS™ Recovery Program

Promote healing of uterus & wound
Enhance Qi, blood & digestive system
Promote recovery of organ & energy
Strengthen bone, immune & body function

Learn more about PopoMama HERS™ Confinement Recovery Program.