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Our Story

The Best Love is always from your parents. Confinement is a very important experience for a woman and we believe that our Popo & Mama will always strive to give their children and grandchildren a Better Choice in whatever situations.

At PopoMama, we believe that Mothers are really noble, because they have to go through the 9 months of pregnancy to give birth to their cute little baby. Imagine the amount of sacrifices they have to go through – diet changes, body shape changes, face complexion changes…

After giving birth, Mothers deserve proper recovery and rejuvenation to restore their health and body while taking care of their babies.

As a new mother, you will spend the next one month on healing and confined to yourself.

In traditional Chinese belief, after a woman gives birth, there is an empty space in her body. Her body is now open to ligament tear, and “yin” or wind could come into this open space, causing ailments in the future and preventing the body from recovery. The “yin and yang” of confinement stresses on staying warm, remaining indoor and abstaining from cold food and drink.

This is where Popomama Confinement comes in to help balance up the yin and yang of confinement diet with proven scientific nutrition. In other words, Popomama incorporates the best practice of east and west in its diet. Only high premium quality herbs are selected. The ingredients are meticulously chosen for the right amount and purpose while preserving the traditional authentic taste of home-cooked meals

The menu with each stage or week is planned properly. The 1st stage focuses on foods to promote healing. The 2nd stage to enhance blood & Qi restoration. The 3rd stage to promote organs recovery especially the kidney & liver. The 4th stage to strengthen bodily functions.

All the stages of recovery have proven to help in the journey of recovery of new mothers. In other words, Popomama is the science of confinement nutrition steeped in tradition for the best of nourishing diet for new mothers.

PopoMama Confinement. The Better Choice.

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