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The Best Love always comes from our parents. Childbirth and confinement is a significant life-changing experience for a woman and we believe that our Popo & Mama are the most important people in our lives who will help us go through the journey the best way possible.

Like your Popo & Mama, we at PopoMama care about your postpartum recovery & rejuvenation. Being mothers ourself, we genuinely acknowledge and understand the beautiful yet challenging journey a mother goes through in the 9-months of carrying and bringing your little one to the world. The sacrifices a mother goes through is irreplaceable — the physical, dietary, complexion and overall life changes is a huge responsibility to carry.

That is why mothers deserve only the best care in restoring their health and body during their confinement. At PopoMama, we strive to give mothers a well-balanced confinement meal that is carefully crafted for each stage of your postpartum recovery.

The first month after childbirth is crucial in ensuring the future health of a mother. The body not only has to recover from the arduous process of giving birth but also from the hormonal, physiological and psychological changes during pregnancy.

According to traditional Chinese beliefs, once a woman delivers her baby, an empty space is created in her body, leaving a woman with qi, yin and blood deficiency. This slows down the recovery process and may cause future ailments. 

A good confinement plan stresses on the balancing of yin and yang — staying warm, remaining indoors and abstaining from cold food and drinks among the important practices to follow. 

This is where PopoMama Confinement comes in — we provide a well-planned, balanced confinement meal menu that helps balance the yin and yang in a new mother’s body. Backed by scientific research, our confinement meal menu is a combination of modern and traditional confinement practices. 

Our ingredients are meticulously chosen and only premium quality herbs are used in our cooking. We are particular about using the right amount of ingredients for the right purposes and ensure that the traditional, authentic taste of home-cooked meals are preserved. 

Our confinement meal menu is planned according to the 4 stages of recovery a mother goes through after childbirth. The first stage focuses on food that aids in the healing of uterus and wounds, the second stage enhances the Qi and blood, the third stage promotes organ recovery especially the kidney and liver and the final stage strengthens the bodily functions.

Promise quality confinement meal menu with meal delivery provided in Klang Valley.

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