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PopoMama's confinement meal program are tailor-made by Certified Nutritionist & Confinement food specialist combining cutting edge Nutrition Science, Traditional Confinement Science and the Aged-old Wisdom of Double Boiling. Together, they support your body’s Stage-by-Stage recovery through PopoMama’s 4-Stage HERS™ Confinement Recovery Program 阶段性调理.

Stage 1 – HEAL

Your body is weakened by the loss of Energy & Blood in the process of giving birth. You may experience weakness and physical discomfort as your body undergoes hormonal and uterus recovery.
Recovery Objectives:
Uterus contraction
Lochia discharge
Wound healing
Stimulate appetite

Stage 2 – ENHANCE

Your body needs optimal nutrition in order to support postpartum healing and breastfeeding. Having a good digestion and good supply of Qi & blood is key to recovery.

Recovery Objectives:

Strengthen digestion
Promote restoration of blood & Qi
Prevent constipation
Improve supply & flow of breast milk

Stage 3 – RECOVERY

Your body is now ready to receive nourishment that is essential in promoting recovery of body functions. Strengthening the kidney energy which governs the lower back and reproductive organs is especially important.

Recovery Objectives:

Nourish kidney & liver
Promote recovery of uterus & ovary
Restore physical energy
Nourish blood & Qi


For your body to fully recover to your pre-pregnancy state, it usually takes 6-8 weeks (some may take even longer). Thus the focus now is to continue nourishing your body and to keep strengthening your body functions until you feel your best again!

Recovery Objectives:

Tonify liver & kidney
Strengthen bones & muscles
Boost immune
Invigorate circulation of blood & Qi

How PopoMama's Meal Program Supports Your Recovery

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