PopoMama Confinement is a Better Choice.

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Our Difference

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.

Confinement is BETTER at Home

PopoMama Offers You


More Delicious Varieties

No more boring confinement meals! With over 365 dishes on our menu, you’ll sure be spoiled with choices!

Better Nutrition

Be assured each meal is nutritiously designed, of course without compromising the taste!

Happier Mamahood

Stay connected with us on Mama Tips and you’ll enjoy your motherhood in a whole new way!

PopoMama supports


Balanced Nutritious Meals

Well-nourished mama gives better quality breast milk to their baby

Milk Boosting Ingredients

Like papaya, lean meat, salmon, asparagus, peas, salmon etc. are included in our dishes to promote healthy milk production for breastfeeding mothers

Lactation Snacks & Drinks

Enjoy complimentary lactation cookies & red dates nourishing tea prepared with love from PopoMama

PopoMama Understands

The Value of Better Quality For You & Baby

confinement meal menu - chicken

Pineapple Chicken

Antibiotic free

Growth hormone free

Less fat

Better texture

confinement meal menu - ginger

Bentong Ginger

Better medicinal efficacy

Stronger ginger fragrance, better flavor

Less fibrous pulp, better texture

Rich in gingerol

confinement meal menu - herbs

Quality Herbs

Better medicinal efficacy

Better taste

Peace of mind

nutritious confinement food - pork

Hygienic Pork

Antibiotic free

Growth promotants free

No drug residue

Hygienic handling

confinement meal menu - fresh ingredients

Fresh & Seasonal

Fresh, in season ingredients

Fresh herbs

Special seasonal produce with recovery benefits

confinement meal

Artisanal Ingredients

Special small batch menu

Hand crafted specialty menu

PopoMama Values

Healthier Cooking For You & Baby

All Natural

All Natural

Less Oil

Less Oil

Less Sugar

Less Salt


No Stock Cube

No Preservative

No Processed Food

Start enjoying a better confinement at home.

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