PopoMama Confinement is a Better Choice.

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Giving Back

Feel great that when you nourish your body with PopoMama Confinement Food, you are also giving a Better Choice to the underprivileged mothers & children in the Penan community

Every time when you choose a meal plan with PopoMama, you are also empowering the nomadic aboriginal Penan women scattering in the forested part of Sarawak to better their lives and their children’s lives.

The PopoMama Giveback

Here’s our mission: to empower women to be their best in their motherhood. Whilst PopoMama focuses on the well-being of mothers on their motherhood journey, we are also reaching out to underprivileged mothers who are striving hard to make a better life for themselves and their children.

Making a Difference

PopoMama set aside RM10 from every Preferred & Premium Package orders and donate the amount 100% to Helping Hands Penan (HHP).


This means:

You get nourished and rejuvenated with PopoMama confinement meals
You are making a difference in Penan mothers who are striving hard to be the best mother they can be
Social good is baked into the core of our business model

All the nutrition you need, to your doorstep.

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