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PopoMama Confinement Care menu is nutritionally planned in accordance with our HERS™ Confinement Recovery Program.

Your body undergoes major changes and stress during pregnancy, labour and delivery. For a good 10 months, your body carried a growing baby, with the extra fat, fluid and tissue. You experience changes not only with your physical body, but also changes with your hormones and emotions. Then, you power through labour and delivery, coupled with blood, fluid, electrolyte and energy loss. Finally, your little precious is born.


After this laborious process of childbirth, knowing what to eat is necessary in your postpartum recovery process. In addition to recovery from birth, proper eating plays a critical role to support your long-term health and future potential pregnancies. If you are breastfeeding, how you nourish your body in the postpartum period is even more important for your baby’s growth and development.


PopoMama’s Confinement Meals are designed with you, a mother’s recovery as the top priority. Combining Nutrition Science and TCM wisdom, we pioneered our very own HERS™ Recovery Program. Our meals are carefully designed and planned by our in-house Nutritionist & Dietitian to support you with 4 major recovery objectives – Heal, Enhance, Recover and Strengthen.  


Our menu comprised of over 500 specialty menus, from protein, fibre, herbal soup, dessert and more, each has been designed with you and your baby’s needs in mind. For example: to boost breast milk production, promote wound healing or body recovery, support baby’s healthy growth, anti-aging, boost immune system etc.


With PopoMama Confinement Meal, you can be assured a worry-free postpartum nutrition program. And most importantly, a wonderful postpartum experience with an optimal recovery.

HERS™ Recovery Program

Promote healing of uterus & wound
Enhance Qi, blood & digestive system
Promote recovery of organ & energy
Strengthen bone, immune & body function

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