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Company Overview

PopoMama is a fast growing E-commerce F&B company in specialty food delivery service, snacks, gift packs & food kiosk business.

PopoMama Confinement Food believes proper nutrition is KEY to confinement recovery. Our team of Dietitian, Nutritionist, TCM consultant and Confinement Meal Specialist with over 20 years of experience, combine [Nutrition Science + TCM Wisdom] to develop our very own PopoMama HERS™️ Recovery Meals program. Our tagline “The Science of Confinement Nutrition” demonstrate our commitment to providing ONLY food and nutrition backed by science or validated with clinical evidence, to assure you a quality recovery gearing towards long term health.

In early 2022, PopoMama also expanded 2 new division to provide more services which is Baby Full Moon and Tea & Snack .

AnytimeFull Moon is specialized in Baby Full Moon Gift Box. In the older days, the full moon gift box represented the expression of gratitude of the parents that the newborn baby was safe & healthy. It was an “announcement” to family & friends on the arrival of the new life and as a “GIFT” of appreciation in return for their blessings, good wishes & gifts for the newborn.

Tea & Snack is specialized in Women’s Healthy Snacks & Beverages. In modern days, women is busy take care both family and their work at the same time and tend to forget to take care of their own health. There is where Tea & Snack series come from, we provides various healthy snacks & tea series for women able to recharge with an easy & convenient way.

In the year of 2021, we have marked another significant milestone in our business. PopoMama started an Equity Crowdfunding (ECF) campaign in October and successfully raised RM1,011,000.

PopoMama is a rapidly growing & urge for more exciting development company not only in Malaysia but also oversea. We are targeted PopoMama to be a Women’s Health Specialist in Asian countries.