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Top 10 Confinement Food Menu

Mummies! Look here! Are you thinking of what food to eat after giving birth? We all know that the delivery process takes a huge toll on mummies’ bodies. The kind of food we eat i.e. our nutrition intake will determine the quality and speed of our recovery. Confinement food can be yummy & healthy! Check out the TOP 10 favourite confinement food menu here!


1. Pork Trotter, Egg & Ginger in Sweet Black Vinegar 猪脚蛋姜醋

How could our confinement be complete without this Pork Trotter in Sweet Black Vinegar? This confinement signature dish support bones strengthening, boost collagen, clear and prevent blood stasis and warm our body. This is a Must Have with most mummies!


2. Yellow Wine Chicken 黄酒鸡

Huang Jiu Ji, Huang Jiu Ji…… Another all-time confinement signature loved by mummies! This dish helps expel wind & dampness from our body and improve blood circulation at the same time.


3. Sesame Oil Chicken 麻油鸡

Love the aroma from sesame oil? Immersed your senses with the aromatic sesame oil chicken!  Sesame oil chicken helps to nourish our blood, replenish our Qi, warm our body and expel wind.


4. Turmeric Chicken黄姜鸡

Craving for your curry chicken but you know you aren’t supposed to take spicy food during confinement period…How? Don’t worry.  Try this confinement version – Turmeric Chicken! Turmeric has incredible benefits to support our confinement recovery e.g. strengthen brain health, prevent/treat depression, and anti-aging!


5. Steamed Pork Rib with Red Date & Gojiberry 红枣枸杞蒸排骨

Pork Rib! The combination of pork rib with red dates and goji berries provides ample vitamin A and C key for boosting the body’s immune and nourishing Qi and blood at the same time.


6. Basil Meat with Ginger & Wine姜酒梅肉九层塔

Basil with its flowery fragrance combine with yellow wine and ginger is sure giving you an endless after taste. This dish helps to expel wind from our body whilst promoting blood circulation and Qi flow. Basil can help to increase the production of breast milk too.


7. Steamed 5 Herbal Fish 五味药材蒸马友鱼

Ma You Yu is one of the most popular confinement fish for generations after generations combined with 5 herbs – DangShen (Codonopsis), HuangQi (Astragalus), DangGui (Angelica), Goji Berry and Red Date. This menu helps to tonify blood & Qi, and nourish our kidney & liver. Together with quality protein from threadfin, this menu is perfect for boosting mummy’s breast milk supply.


8. Braised Grouper with Milk 奶香石斑鱼

A confinement version of fish head noodle! Grouper provides quality lean protein to boost breast milk, support tissue repair & muscle strengthen. To top it off, the calcium-rich milk is here to enhance the quality of breast milk and strengthen mummies bones.


9. Garlic Coriander Baked Salmon with Lemon Butter Sauce蒜米香菜烤三文鱼拌柠檬奶油酱

When salmon is mentioned, it is always linked to its rich nutrition! Salmon provides one of the best quality proteins to support wound healing and organ recovery. Salmon has one of the most superior Omega 3 sources amongst fish, which is key for a baby’s brain development. Vitamin C from cherry tomatoes and lemon is sure giving a boost to immune strengthening.


10. Yellow Wine Egg Wrap with Pork Mince 黄酒肉末酿鸡蛋

Everyone loves eggs! Eggs being one of the most nutritious food provide almost every nutrient that is needed for mummies recovery. It tastes good and provides good protein, how can we resist its temptation! This dish warms our body, promotes better blood circulation, and nourishes our blood.


Looking for more? PopoMama Confinement has over >300 varieties of menu waiting for you to enjoy them. Contact us now!

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