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Milk Booster

Breastfeeding is the best source of nutrition for babies. It can also reduce the risk for certain health conditions for both babies and mothers. WHO recommend that baby to be exclusively breastfed for the first 6 months of birth.


When you ​are breastfeeding your baby​, you must continue to eat well to maintain your nutritional status. Your nutrient stores may be used up for breast milk if your nutrient intake is low. In fact, your requirement for certain nutrients (e.g. energy, protein and B vitamins), are higher during breastfeeding than during​ pr​egnancy​. So if you were conscious of the nutritional quality of your diet during pregnancy, there is even more reason for you to do so when breastfeeding!.

Most mothers can maintain a healthy supply of breast milk with the right postpartum nutrition, drinking plenty of fluids and having enough rest. Chances are you are doing just fine and let not your fear and insecurity undermine your confidence.

Building on the foundation of good postpartum nutrition, PopoMama Milk Booster Meal adds on specialty herbal tonic soup designed to tonify blood, Qi and liver to help boost milk supply and to ease milk flow.

PopoMama Milk Booster Care menu is nutritionally planned in accordance with our HERS™ Recovery Program, equipping you with adequate amount of macronutrients, vitamins & minerals, combining nutrition science for breastfeeding with TCM practices.

HERS™ Recovery Program

Promote healing of uterus & wound
Enhance Qi, blood & digestive system
Promote recovery of organ & energy
Strengthen bone, immune & body function

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