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Extended Confinement

Your postpartum recovery won’t be just a few days. PopoMama Extended Confinement meal plan is designed to support your postpartum recovery – physical & mental to their pre-pregnancy state in accordance with our HERS™ Confinement Recovery Program.

You have achieved one of the most remarkable things in life: give birth to another human being.


Having your baby finally arrived after 9 months is definitely a joyous moment, and you may be compelled to give all your focus and energy during the coming weeks and months to your baby. Coupled with all the physical, mental, emotional and social changes a new mum is adjusting to, it is easy to neglect or overlook your own health.


But remember, no matter how your delivery looked like, be it natural or caesarean (C-section); easy or complicated; a quick labour our you have laboured for a few days, your body has certainly gone through a trauma.  Your body is going to need time to recover.


Conventionally, postpartum period is considered to be the first 6 weeks following delivery, with the conclusion of a postpartum check-up with your gynae. But in actual fact, fully recovering from pregnancy and childbirth can be up to 6 months or longer.


Some organs may take shorter or longer time to return to their pre-pregnancy state than the others. For example:

  • The uterus contracts to its pre-pregnancy size in 6-8 weeks
  • The endometrium is usually fully restored in 2-3 weeks
  • The abdominal muscle return to its pre-pregnancy tone and elasticity by 6-8 weeks
  • The vaginal epithelium is restored in 6-10 weeks
  • The pregnancy-induced hemoglobin dip will take at least 4-6 months to restore to pre-pregnancy level


As such, the 4th trimester, the time between birth and 12 weeks postpartum is now gaining increasing attention medically. These 12 weeks after giving birth are a critical time to focus on mum and make sure that you are healthy moving forward. Remember, only if you are healthy and strong, will you be able to take care of your baby. Extending confinement/postpartum care with proper nourishments is indeed a wise and necessary choice.


PopoMama is the ONLY confinement meal with customised meal plans specially for Extended Confinement, i.e., postpartum period Week 5 to Week 12. Your Extended Confinement meal plans will focus mainly on PopoMama HERS™ R-Recover and S- Strengthen objectives, supporting your body’s full recovery to its pre-pregnancy state. This extended care also brings about other benefits like anti-aging, strengthening your immune system, and ensuring quality breastmilk supply.


With PopoMama Extended Confinement meal plans, you will soon feel your best again.

HERS™ Recovery Program

Promote healing of uterus & wound
Enhance Qi, blood & digestive system
Promote recovery of organ & energy
Strengthen bone, immune & body function

For Extended Confinement,
the focus will mainly be on HERS™ [R-Recover] & [S-Strengthen] needs.