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In traditional medicine, chicken broth and essence provide numerous benefits for the human body, including warming the body, tonifying and countering body weakness. In this modern era, chicken essence is still being consumed mostly by. Southeast Asians. It is conveniently accommodated into this fast-paced modern life.


What Is Inside Chicken Essence?

Chicken essence contains concentrated amounts of proteins, amino acids and peptides such as carnosine, compared to homemade chicken broth. Due to a unique extraction process for several hours (> 5 hours) under high temperature, the amino acids and bioactive peptides are readily absorbed by the body. Apart from that, any animal fats are generally removed during the process in order to produce a nutritional supplement that contains little or no cholesterol. 


What About Chicken Broth?

Broth is traditionally made by simmering the chicken, with or without the bone in water. As compared to essence, Broth is cooked for a relatively shorter amount of time, usually less than an hour (individualized as well). Broth may contain higher amount of calorie than essence, as the fat is not being removed during the cooking process. Both chicken broth and essence contain almost similar nutrients, however essence may outweigh the quality due to better technology of extraction and preparation.


Is It Helpful for Postpartum Mothers?

It is mainly used to supplement nutrition and improve health, with no intention to treat any diseases. Several articles have examined the effects of chicken essence, and here is the summary:

    • Restore physical strength after child birth 
    • Promote body recovery
  • Reduce the levels of cortisol thus reduce stress in the body
  • Recover mental fatigue 
  • Promote early lactation 
  • Increase volume of breast milk, however may not be too significant, depends on individuals
  • Benefit the immune system


Who Should Aware?

People with high uric acid or gouty arthritis should avoid consuming chicken essence due to the high purine level. As for chicken broth, it is advised to blanch the meat and/ or bone, drain and rinse before proceed to the making of broth. Also, do not cook for more than an hour.  

For mothers with any complication or on any medication, do consult health care professional before the consumption of chicken essence.



Chicken essence provides benefits to human body, however people with high uric acid should avoid it.



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