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Central Kitchen

1st Safety & Hygiene Controlled Confinement Food Central Kitchen in Malaysia



Kitchen Environmental Hygiene Control

PopoMama operate the 1st Safety & Hygiene Controlled Confinement Food Central Kitchen in Malaysia. A fully enclosed environment to minimize outside contamination.

Use of see-through glass to demonstrate transparency in our confinement meal preparation process in accordance with hygiene & safety SOP.

Double authorisation door access system to ensure no unauthorised access to food preparation area & to ensure under controlled hygiene environment.

Duo outdoor & indoor water filtration system in our central kitchen to ensure clean water supply for our mummies & babies safe consumption.

Kitchen Staff Hygiene Control

Our Mothers & Babies is our Top Priority.

Staffs are strictly required to adhere to the hygiene SOP strictly. Our team are certified by Ministry of Health (MOH). They are required to undergo upskill training from time-to-time.

We believe Mother deserve the best care. Our kitchen team is made up of 100% LOCAL Popo & Mama staff only.  Strictly NO foreign labour and completed Typhoid & Covid-19 vaccinated.

Kitchen Using Stainless Steel Cubicles

We only use stainless steel equipment with 304 certified.

Packaging Food In Food-Grade Aluminum Containers

Cooked food is sealed with food-grade aluminum film to prevent bacteria from affecting food quality.