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Can Mother eat rice dumplings during confinement?

Can Mother Eat Rice Dumplings During Confinement?

The Dragon Boat Festival is here and there are all kinds of delicious rice dumpling in the market. Postpartum Mothers who love rice dumpling can’t help but worry about whether they can eat it? Does eating rice dumpling affect the baby? Will it affect breastfeeding?


Can confinement mothers eat glutinous rice while breastfeeding?

The main component of rice dumpling –

glutinous rice, is rich in vitamin B. It can warm the spleen and stomach and replenish the qi. It is a mild tonic and has the functions of nourishing deficiency, nourishing blood, invigorating the spleen and stomach, and antiperspirant.


Can Mother eat rice dumplings during confinement?

Confinement Mothers can eat rice dumplings, which can be avoided on an empty stomach in moderation, but it is not recommended for people with gestational diabetes. When eating rice dumpling, it can be matched with vegetables and fruits to help intestinal and gastric peristalsis and avoid causing intestinal and gastrointestinal indigestion.


How to eat rice dumplings scientifically?

The main ingredient can be replaced with some miscellaneous grains rice, red beans, barley, Huai Shan, yam or sweet potato, which not only increases the fibre content, but is also beneficial to health. The stuffing can be replaced with lean meat or even chicken, seafood or fish.

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