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Balanced diet is equivalence a good confinement?

Balanced diet is equivalence a good confinement?

How to have a good confinement

Confinement is to restore the maternal body to its pre-pregnancy state through special care and recuperation. This recovery period usually takes 4-6 weeks.


Therefore, appropriate conditioning should be given according to different stages.

1) Uterine contraction and wound healing

2) To replenish qi, blood, and promote digestive function

3) Promote recovery of organs and physical strength

4) Strengthen muscles and bones, enhance immunity and body function


According to their different physiques, women need to use diet to promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, promote wound healing, replenish protein, restore uterine function, and improve the quality and quantity of breast milk to regulate the body.


Therefore, confinement is not only about eating well, but also requires four stages of conditioning to achieve the effect of confinement and recovery before pregnancy.

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