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About Us

The story about PopoMama Confinement Food


The Science of Confinement Nutrition

Your popo (grandmother) and mama (mother) always give you the tender unconditional motherly love. And that is what Popomama Confinement Food does – to give you that love and care you need during your confinement month through proper dieting.

As a new mother, you will spend the next one month on healing and confined to yourself. The diet during confinement month is the buttress to the practice of balancing the “yin and yang”. In traditional Chinese belief, after a woman gives birth, there is an empty space in her body. Her body is now open to ligament tear, and “yin” or wind could come into this open space, causing ailments in the future and preventing the body from recovery. The “yin and yang” of confinement stresses on staying warm, remaining indoor and abstaining from cold food and drink.

This is where Popomama Confinement Nutrition comes in to help balance up the yin and yang of confinement diet with proven scientific nutrition. In other words, Popomama incorporates the best practice of east and west in its diet. Only high premium quality herbs are selected. The ingredients are meticulously chosen for the right amount and purpose while preserving the traditional authentic taste of home-cooked meals.

The menu with each stage or week is planned properly The first stage focuses on foods to flush out placental blood, replenishing it with new blood and promoting uterus contraction. The second stage prevents constipation and promotes recovery and milk production. The third stage is tonifying kidney and liver, strengthening body and bones and improving blood circulation. The fourth stage incorporates collagen-rich and calcium formulation to boost immune system, body condition and nourishing beauty.

All the stages of recovery have proven to help in the journey of recovery of new mothers. In other words, Popomama is the science of confinement nutrition steeped in tradition for the best of nourishing diet for new mothers.

Like the other literal meaning of “popomama” (long-winded), it is because we care that we make you feel like your very own caring grandma and mum.

Popomama. The Science of Confinement Nutrition.

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