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6 tips to easily increase breast milk quality

6 Tips To Easily Increase Breast Milk Volume

Baby crying for more milk

Most of the new-born mothers or mothers who already have a second baby both are face the same problem which is insufficient milk supply. Even consume tons of milk promoting foods, the amount of milk is still gradually decreasing like an hourglass, and it is not even enough for the baby to have a meal, which puts a lot of pressure on mothers who want to breast feed!


6 Tips To Increase Milk Volume

Tip 1: Feed baby more

The baby’s sucking is helpful to the secretion of breast milk. Because the baby’s sucking force is stronger, it can just use the baby’s mouth to massage the areola to stimulate the secretion of breast milk.

Tip 2: Supplement nutrition

Mothers need to supplement themselves with nutrients such as milk, eggs, vegetables, fruits, etc., and prepare a little more milk soup, which can catalyze the secretion of milk.

Tip 3: Relax

Medical experiments have proved that when mothers are depressed or stressed, the secretion of milk will decrease drastically. It is recommended that mothers can look at the baby’s photos or listen to some relaxing music to relax.

Tip 4: Massage the breasts

When breasts have local lumps, you can use your fingers to massage the outside of the breast in the direction of the areola. Do this in every direction, especially the lumps. After rubbing the lump to soften it, milk it or make the baby suck better.

Secret 5: Get in touch with each other

The longer the close contact with the baby, the more vigorous breast milk secretion.

Secret 6: Lactation Cookies

The lactation cookies are made of natural and healthy prolactin ingredients to allow breast feeding mothers to take in proper nutrition and vitamins, thereby promoting breast milk production. Nursing mothers need to add about 500 calories a day. In other words, if there is not enough energy and nutrient intake, the production of breast milk will be affected in terms of quality and volume. Therefore, in order for mothers to get more energy intake every day, edible prolactin cakes, because they are full of energy and nutrients from oatmeal and flaxseed!


Nutrition Fact
According to the University of Wisconsin’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health, the iron and protein content in oatmeal may enhance the breast milk supply. Besides that, oatmeal is also loaded with other minerals and antioxidants such as manganese, zinc, phosphorus, vitamin Bs and dietary fibre to promote good health to mother and the baby!

As for flaxseeds, they have the estrogenic properties that help in breast milk production. Flaxseed provides healthy fats that are a healthy component of breast milk to promote a child’s brain development.

Brewer’s yeast is one of the galactagogue products, which helps in promoting breast milk production. It’s also rich in chromium, which may help the body to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Also, with the existence of microflora, it benefits the gut health as well as digestion of the body!


It is recommended that breast feeding mothers consume an appropriate amount of lactation cookies every day, which can not only help increase milk production, but also serve as a snack for gluttons.

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