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“Along the PopoMama’s journey…”


After a year of hard work 💪, it’s time to reward 🎁 our family before Chinese New Year🧧! 🥳

PopoMama’s Annual Dinner 2022 was held at Eat @ J’s and delicious buffet dinner was serve on that night.
Everyone are happily meeting each other and making more memorable moments with each other.
A special 2021 throwback video played to honor all the hard works of PopoMama’s family. PopoMama’s Founders, Mr Chong & Mrs Chua were invited on stage to giving a speech to wrap up the year of 2021 in PopoMama.

Last but not least, we would like to express our gratitude to our PopoMama’s family 🙏~

Along the PopoMama’s journey, we’re highly appreciate their 👍 great efforts & continuous support 💪  help us create a Remarkable Year of 2021! 👏👏👏 

😘 Thank you for the efforts & stay together with PopoMama! Let’s continue to ✅ unlock more achievement 🏆 and more memories🤗 in 2022~!!🤩

Nutritionist Kai Li & Dietitian ChristaBelle


PopoMama Confinement Kitchen Team

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